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  • Sundara


    A really good enty level model to the Hifiman lineup that doesn't break the bank: Sundara. Strongly recommended because of its balanced tonality, there is nothing to nitpick from bass to treble. If you are looking for an allrounder that punches way above its weight, look no further.

  • Ananda Nano


    With this update, Hifiman did something fantastic: new driver and new dampening system that both came down from their much more expensive siblings in the Hifiman roster. Bigger membrane, stealth magnets, better balance in the upper treble, bigger stage presentation - it gets better and better while simultaneously going down in price. Thumbs up!

  • Ananda


    One of the best headphones in its price range.

  • Arya Stealth


    Arya is a headphone that lets you peak in and through the music. Everything is ethereal, anything can be peared around or behind.

  • Arya Organic


    A big suprise from Hifiman: The Arya, a successful series of headphones for many years that had only one "flaw" left worth talking about: There was too much energy in the treble for some, and the mids were a smidge too thin. Hifiman took this feedback and came out with the Organic: A bit more measured in the high-end, a bit fuller in the mid section, but still with a fantastic resolution and stage presentation. An absolute allrounder.

  • Jade II


    An "entry level" electrostatic system, headphone + energizer, that lets you hear every last detail within your music.

  • HE 1000 V2


    A high end flagship - for a greatly reduced price.

  • HE 1000 SE


    Extremely detailed, not very power hungry - and sonically, on a flagship level.

  • Susvara


    Some call the Susvara the best planar magnetic headphone on the planet. The lightweight construction and cavernous earcups make it a comfortable one that can be worn for hours at a time.

  • Shangri-La Jr.


    "The excellent HIFIMAN SHANGRI LA JR really lives up to its great name and produces exemplary neutral and coloration-free music against a pitch-black background.

    Lightning-fast transients and a perfect impulse response also result in an amazingly realistic reproduction, especially of voices and instruments. Moreover, the attention to detail and resolution are reference-worthy."

    - Fidelio,

  • Shangri-La


    Experience the absolute best that Hifiman has to offer.