Why Level Audio?

If you're buying from a specialist dealer, you should be able to expect a thing or two.

Among others:


2.Customer Service

3.Relationship with the Customer


Hifi was a big hobby for me already as a teenager. Grabbing an amp, going on a train through the south of Germany and discovering speakers that I might like, and be able to afford. Mobile Hifi was a big thing too, as the kid with the biggest mp3 player (that had its own remote control), headphone amp and full sized cans, just to go to school with.

Then I discovered a passion for producing music, which ended in a vocational training in Baden-Baden, where I became an audio engineer at the European Media- and Event-Academy.

After that, I worked in the Hifi retail business for a handful of years, from giving purchase advice to installing stereos in customers homes.

And finally, I was ready to treat Hifi as just a hobby... that's when I discovered that I don't have anywhere close to the selection of things around me that I would like to try and maybe own - so I'm bringing the selection to me.

You might notice that in this shop, it's going to be very rare that I have the whole catalog of items from any given manufacturer. The reason is, if I don't offer something - I might just not like that product very much. The selection on here is a reflection of my opinions, and anything that you can see, I could recommend to you with a good conscience.

And if our opinions diverge too much:

Customer Service

It starts with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. Did you order something, and now you're quarreling with yourself if this was the right choice? Send it back 29 day later and don't even think about it anymore.

Or you want to try something, or compare 2 headphones against each other? If just buying 2 headphones at full price is not in the cards, just borrow them - for a 50% deposit, so you effectively buy 1, get 2, and test them for 14 days.

Do you want to know something fundamental before you can even think about buying anything, have one last question or something else? Don't hesitate to contact me at shop@levelaudio.it.

If you end up buying something, and you end up sending it back, and have a bad feeling about it like I sometimes do: don't! Somebody else is happy to buy an open box item for less, or I can use it as demo hardware.

Relationship with the Customer

I want to be respectful with your time, money and data. I will never send you a newsletter that you didn't give me explicit permission to send to you beforehand.

I don't want to waste your time having to find the 'unsubscribe' button. I don't want to waste your money, so if you are interested in something and wonder if you can get a discount: ask me for my best price.

I will however inform you about important steps concerning your specific order - so you can start warming up the tubes, or downloading new songs and prepare for your new toy.

I also like the idea of a back and forth and getting to know my customers better, so if you are missing certain items or brands, or have other ideas - let me know!