Which Audeze is right for me?

Which Audeze is right for me?

With many headphone manufacturers, there are significant price jumps between models and only one or two "contenders" for open or closed models in each price category, but Audeze has a bit more - so here's a breakdown of what Audeze is trying to accomplish with each model.

Audeze itself divides its headphones into the following categories:

Flagship Series

These include the LCD-5, CRBN and LCD-4Z.

Reference Series

These include the LCD-MX4, LCD-X and LCD-XC.


These include the MM-100 and MM-500.

Origins Series

These include the LCD-2, LCD-2 Classic, LCD-2 Closed-back and LCD-3.

Gaming Series

These include the wireless Maxwell and the wired LCD-GX.

So how do these series differ from each other?

The Reference series is also marketed for music producers and musicians, as it offers a relatively neutral sound image without exaggeration, but also without the classic hi-fi sparkle.

The MM series is a kind of further development of this, as it has an emphasis in the mid-range instead of the bass or treble as is so often the case. Musically, the mid-range is where most of the action is, so it makes the producer's job easier if it is emphasized. It has nothing in common with classic hi-fi tuning.

The Flagship series offers a colorful mix at a high level:

  • - LCD-5 is very emphasized in the upper mids, has a lot of energy from 3-6kHz.
  • - LCD-4Z has an appendage in its name because it is a reissue of the LCD-4 - the sound of the LCD-4, paired with the new housing design, which makes the headphones 1/3 lighter and much more comfortable, as well as much easier to drive thanks to much higher efficiency. It has a slight cut between 3kHz-4.5kHz, making it more relaxed than the LCD-5.
  • - The CRBN sits right in the middle of the two and has a very balanced frequency response, which is perceived as neutral and without any particular emphasis.

The Origins Series are the endurance runners among the Audeze headphones, they are very gentle in the treble range, so that you can listen to them for a long time without getting fatigued - but a little darker than neutral, so that some people might miss the brilliance in the treble.

Active filters

  • LCD-X Creator Edition


    The best selling Audeze headphone, for a reason. The gold standard for professional audio engineers, comparable in resolution to high-end speaker systems.

  • MM-500


    The Audeze MM-500 was developed in one of the world's most prestigious studios to deliver mixes that consistently capture the artist's intended emotions and sound designs with crystal clarity. The MM-500 offers all-day comfort with its slim and robust housing.

  • LCD-5


    For the past decade, Audeze's LCD series has set the standard for planar magnetic headphone performance. Starting with the LCD-2 that ushered in a new era of planar technology in 2009, then the LCD-3 in 2011 and LCD-4 in 2015. With the LCD-5, everything has been improved - drivers, earpads, frame design - to set a new standard for performance and comfort.