HE 1000 SE

Extremely detailed, not very power hungry - and sonically, on a flagship level.

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super nimble, electrostatic like fast, hard slamming in the bass and uber-transparent to their cores, to a point of becoming too clean sounding with some particular tunes. Considering that HE1000SE is the most impressive technical headphone I’ve reviewed so far,  I cannot go without awarding it our highest Golden Award! Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to their next doings!


The HE1000SE is a fantastic set of headphones with proprietary technology that delivers when it comes to sound. The build quality and material choices are precisely what I would expect at this price point, and every step of the way, they look, feel, and sound like true audiophile headphones.


As far as technical capabilities, I don’t think I can doubt for one moment that the HE1000se are the most capable headphones I have ever listened to. They are a pleasure to wear, a pleasure to use and a pleasure to listen to.

Technical Specifications

  • Impedance: 35 Ω 
  • Sensitivity: 96dB/1W/1m
  • Frequency Response: 8 Hz - 65 kHz
  • Weight: 440 g


What does this mean?

The black line is something that could be called the „ideal“ curve of what a headphone should sound like. The Harman Research Group has a range of scientific studies around audio and the human perception of it - one of which was, how should a headphone sound like to be favored by a majority of people, no matter the age or other demographic variables? This result is called the Harman target.

From left to right we have the sub bass, bass, mids and then the curve finally tilts upward where the treble begins - this part of the frequency spectrum gets amplified naturally by the shape of the human ear. 

Harman Research:

The Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality- What Do Listeners Prefer?

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