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  • Meze 99 Classic


    The headphone that brought Meze into the spotlight and that kickstarted their fame as a renowned hifi brand: the 99 Classics

  • Sundara


    A really good enty level model to the Hifiman lineup that doesn't break the bank: Sundara. Strongly recommended because of its balanced tonality, there is nothing to nitpick from bass to treble. If you are looking for an allrounder that punches way above its weight, look no further.

  • Maxwell Wireless Gaming...


    After years of relentless innovation building the world's best wireless gaming headset, Audeze presents Maxwell, designed from the ground up for serious gamers. Sound quality, wireless performance, and battery life are all pushed to new extremes, along with the latest spatial audio features and multi-platform compatibility.

  • Audeze MM-100


    Experience the precision and reliability of a professional studio anywhere you create or listen to music with the new MM-100. Enjoy all-day comfort from Audezes newest full-sized headphone, built in the USA on a lightweight premium magnesium and steel chassis. Never has world-class, studio-trusted Audeze sound been so accessible.

  • Ananda Nano


    With this update, Hifiman did something fantastic: new driver and new dampening system that both came down from their much more expensive siblings in the Hifiman roster. Bigger membrane, stealth magnets, better balance in the upper treble, bigger stage presentation - it gets better and better while simultaneously going down in price. Thumbs up!

  • Ananda


    One of the best headphones in its price range.

  • Meze 109 Pro


    One of the best looking, most comfortable headphones that breaks the price barrier for airy and open, yet punchy and fun - the Meze 109 Pro!

  • Bathys


    The first audiophile bluetooth headphone that does it all. It might just be the only headphone you need.

  • LCD-2 Classic


    A warm and energetic musical experience, in the form of the most affordable LCD series headphone - LCD 2.

  • Meze 109 Pro Primal


    One of the best looking headphones looks even better now - with the 109 Pro Primal Edition.

  • LCD-2 Closed


    A sound signature so fun - you won't be able to put them down. You've never heard a closed headphone sound so spacious, full, powerful and downright musical before.

  • LCD-2


    The LCD-2 was the very first headphone sold by Audeze, and helped lead Audeze to the coveted position as the world’s leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones. Although it’s seen improvements over the years, the LCD-2 retains the iconic warmth and tonal balance that have made it a customer favorite since its original release.

  • Arya Stealth


    Arya is a headphone that lets you peak in and through the music. Everything is ethereal, anything can be peared around or behind.

  • LCD-X Creator Edition


    The best selling Audeze headphone, for a reason. The gold standard for professional audio engineers, comparable in resolution to high-end speaker systems.

  • Arya Organic


    A big suprise from Hifiman: The Arya, a successful series of headphones for many years that had only one "flaw" left worth talking about: There was too much energy in the treble for some, and the mids were a smidge too thin. Hifiman took this feedback and came out with the Organic: A bit more measured in the high-end, a bit fuller in the mid section, but still with a fantastic resolution and stage presentation. An absolute allrounder.

  • Clear MG


    The new version of the classic Focal Clear with new drivers - more precise bass, more even mids, more controlled treble - This is a headphone that can be used in the recording studio.

  • LCD-XC Creators Edition


    The gold standard closed-back of the professional audio world. Trusted by award winning artists and engineers, the LCD-XC is a blend of transparency and reliability, ideal for any studio or audiophile system where isolation is desired.

  • Jade II


    An "entry level" electrostatic system, headphone + energizer, that lets you hear every last detail within your music.

  • Meze Liric II


    The Meze Audio LIRIC II represents a harmonious blend of industrial design prowess and cutting-edge technological innovation. Designed for the active audiophile who demands both mobility and exceptional sound quality, the LIRIC II offers a refined sound profile that strikes a perfect balance between warmth and clarity. Utilizing the innovative Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask (QWRM), this headphone effectively attenuates high-frequency peaks above 7kHz, ensuring a listening experience that is both rich and non-fatiguing.

  • MM-500


    The Audeze MM-500 was developed in one of the world's most prestigious studios to deliver mixes that consistently capture the artist's intended emotions and sound designs with crystal clarity. The MM-500 offers all-day comfort with its slim and robust housing.