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Some manufacturers allow themselves to develop a headphone system, where the headphone itself is already without regard for any budget, but with the goal to represent the best that the manufacturer can even dream of.

Then you add an amplifier that adds and balances the strengths and characteristics of this headphone, to deliver exactly the right amount of power in exactly the right moment, to enable the headphone to play at its fullest potential.

Hifiman combines an electrostatic headphone, with incredible amounts of detail and speed, with a tube amplifer to add warmth and 3-dimensionality to the sound. At a level, that you never heard before.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 7 Hz – 120 kHz

Connection Types:

  • RCA in: 1x
  • XLR in: 1x
  • Headphone out: 2x
  • Weight: Headphones 374g, Amplifier 16 kg
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