WANDLA Goldensound Edition

WANDLA Goldensound Edition

End-game DAC in a small form factor - Wandla. The only DAC powerful enough to run filters by Jussi Laako, developer of HQPlayer, directly on the device.

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Ferrum has its own ideas when it comes to tweaking the sound to your liking. Their first product, HYPSOS, aims to generally improve the sound of all connected devices - but also gives you the option to tweak it by changing the voltage going in.

Oor, the Amplifier, changes its sound when you switch from any gain mode to bypass, because the signal path completely circumvents the potentiometer  - uand Wandla is the only DAC with enough computing power to run HQPLayer filters, without comprimise, directly on device. This improves spatial presentation and immersiveness compared even to other DACs using the exact same chip.

Add to that the option to switch from digital volume control to analog (but still changeable via the remote control) or bypass mode.

It also comes with a true plethora of input options, making WANDLA one of the most flexible DACs on the market, for example HDMI ARC, I2S, AES and USB C, to name a few...

Total End-Game DAC - now with new features in the Goldensound Edition:


Spatial Enhancement

The width and depth of the sound stage are increased, the separation of individual elements from each other is improved and the frequency response is left untouched. Likewise, an echo effect is not simply applied to the signal. As can be deduced from this, it is not a crossfeed - and comes in 2 variants, namely a headphone mode and a loudspeaker mode.

Tube mode

This attempts to reproduce the sound profile of typical tube amplifiers at DAC level, so it is not an equalizer - no, the software reconfigures the way the hardware works.


Impact+, on the other hand, is basically an equalizer profile - one that is not intended to flood the listener with bass, but rather to significantly increase the punch of the music.

All 3 software functions can be used simultaneously!


Elevated Digital Headroom

Modern music is usually at the limit of what is technically possible in terms of volume and at the lower end in terms of available dynamics. A converter usually has about 3dB of headroom to interpret such signals in such a way that it does not reach the limit of what is technically possible and produce distortion - the Wandla GS Edition gets another 3dB more here, so that the software modes that have now been added do not cause distortion themselves.

Hardware Level Voltage Adjustment

Wandla has an output level that could overload many subsequent amplifiers. Therefore, it is of course possible to reduce this level, but up to now Wandla has made this adjustment at software level - and this has potentially resulted in a loss of headroom. The GS Edition now makes this adjustment in hardware so that the full dynamic range is retained.

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