HDV 820

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HDV 820

The HDV 820 awakens the full potential of your Sennheiser headphone collection. Look forward to first-class DAC and headphone amplifier technology with a wealth of state-of-the-art inputs and outputs and first-class playback.

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  • The next generation of the legendary digital headphone amplifier
  • Unrivaled best digital-to-analog converter ESS 9028PRO SABRE
  • Outstanding performance in conjunction with all digital sources, regardless of the connection type: optical, coaxial or via USB.
  • With balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analog inputs
  • Perfectly tailored to all audiophile headphones from Sennheiser
  • Playback of DSD256 files with up to 12.3 MHz and PCM files with up to 32 bit and 384 kHz sampling rate
  • Audio outputs: XLR3, XLR4, a 6.3 mm plug connection and a 4.4 mm Pentaconn socket

The full potential of your headphones

The HDV 820 is an unsurpassed all-rounder among headphone amplifiers.

Unleash the full potential of your headphones with this masterpiece of a digital-to-analog converter and exquisite amplifier performance. First and foremost, the high quality of the transducers results in a fast response, but ultimately the immersive sound is the result of the perfect transfer between input and output. Our HDV 820 is the result of over 75 years of expertise in audio technology and is the rough diamond that is polished with all audio sources and all dynamic headphones.

Introducing: The high-quality converter and amplifier of the HDV 820 and their successful symbiosis.

Inside, the high-quality ESS 9028PRO SABRE converter ensures that the digital source is reproduced faithfully, directly and with maximum sound quality. Regardless of whether it's modern DSD files or your good old CD collection, you can expect faithful and flawless reproduction. All common word lengths and sampling rates from an almost infinite number of digital sources are supported: The inputs for USB, S/PDIF coaxial and optical are arranged side by side on the rear panel together with balanced and unbalanced analog inputs. An ASIO driver is included that supports DSD profiles on the PC. This allows you to stream content up to DSD256 at 12.3 MHz on a Mac or Windows computer as well as PCM files with up to 32 bit and 384 kHz sampling rate. The incredible performance of the HDV 820 amplifier is matched only by its absolutely pure and detailed reproduction. The amplifier offers a dynamic output of over 115 dB at 600 ohms and allows each individual instrument to be heard clearly. This is the decisive characteristic of audiophile headphones that turn the listening experience into a concert for all the senses. The total harmonic distortion is < 0.001 percent and the frequency response spans the range from 10 to 100,000 Hz, so that a faithful transmission reaches the headphones.

Reviewers are saying:

"Unique in its function, it acts like a tube amp that can change the frequency response, but without the distortion of a tube amp, and with the power of a solid state amplifier. That's a pretty cool combo."

Feature Description
Article number (SKU) 507442 (EU), 507443 (UK), 507444 (US), 507445 (CN), 507446 (KR)
Dimensions 224 x 44 x 306 mm
Frequency response 10 Hz - 100 kHz
Weight 2.25 kg
Attenuation 93 dB
Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 0.001%
Dynamic range > 115 dB @ 600 Ω load (A-weighted)
Gain UNBAL input/XLR-4 output: Adjustable 14 dB, 22 dB, 30 dB, 38 dB, 46 dB
BAL input/XLR-4 output: 16 dB
Power Supply 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption 12 - 18 W
USB standard USB 2.0
Connection 6.35 mm jack socket, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, XLR-4 (optical)