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    Cayin iHA-8

    €1,148.00 €1,100.00

    Small but mighty: Cayin Audio presents its new, tiny but mighty Class A headphone amplifier that packs a punch. With the iHA-8, the tube genius returns to the transistor world and delivers almost 20 watts of Class A power in a compact desktop format.

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    Focal Hadenys


    Focal Hadenys are the new, open-back headphones from Focal - elegant, very comfortable and very finely tuned. Also suitable for portable sources, as they are not very power-hungry.

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    Focal Azurys


    Focal Azurys is the new, closed, entry-level headphone in the Focal lineup - very comfortable, balanced in sound and an eye-catcher - thanks to the efficient design also portable.

  • Focal Utopia


    One of the most well-known High-End Hifi headphones ever, and the successor to a model that had a big impact on the entire hifi landscape. Incredible haptics, a mix beween understatement and luxury, and sonically firmly in the ultra high end: Natural timbre, dynamic with a great punch already at low listening levels. Addictive.

  • Stellia


    Stellia is one of the best closed headphones period. It will hug your head and entice you with an engaging, punchy sound that doesn't let you go.

  • Clear MG


    The new version of the classic Focal Clear with new drivers - more precise bass, more even mids, more controlled treble - This is a headphone that can be used in the recording studio.

  • Bathys


    The first audiophile bluetooth headphone that does it all. It might just be the only headphone you need.